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Why Sail with Azores4Fun?

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Sailing is one of the most intimate and romantic ways to relate to the sea.

In a mutual, giving and fascinating relationship, in a sailboat above all, we find the sea offers itself to us most completely.

The "chant" of the wind on the mast, the "beat" of the sails and of the waves on the hull... the sunsets… the lights reflected on the water... the sense of freedom sailing through the ocean… the breeze… the salty "smell” of the sea!...

At berth or at anchor, sailing... day or night... the harmony and serenity, nature and adventure, challenge and strength, the sensations and unique messages are what Azore4Fun intends to offer to all lovers of the sea, aboard their sailboat “Rift”.

With Azores4Fun you don’t have to be an experient sailor to feel and experience all this. Why? Because all Azores4Fun produtcs includes a professional skipper.

Just choose how many days to sail and/or  wich islands or views to visit and Azores4Fun do the rest!

Sail on the chanel between Faial and Pico island


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